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>Get started with AL: TOP 10 tips for beginners in AL


Get started with AL: TOP 10 tips for beginners in AL

Skilled programmers remain highly valued in the tech world. Both new programmers and industry veterans face several struggles in a world of rapidly changing technologies. One question keeps coming up: How can you get started with AL – Development quickly? Michaela Gayer has been a trainer for NAV/BC development for more than 20 years, and she has helped many people to meet this challenge. During the session, she will hand over her personal top 10 best practice tips for beginners who want to get started into AL – Development.




About The Speaker


Michaela Gayer

Michaela Gayer is the CFO and co-founder of Learn4D365, the world’s largest marketplace for Dynamics 365 online courses with over 2000 students worldwide. After finishing a technical college in Austria, Michaela started to work as a developer for Navision in 1998. In addition to her profession, she studied business consultancy from 2000 to 2004. As a book author, she has published several books about on Dynamics 365 development for various publishers.