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BC Upgrade: smooth ride to extensions

Level: Beginner/Intermediate
The session is for technical staff, developers, consultants, project managers, and product owners.

Upgrade to extensions is often described as a „bumpy ride“ as it is quite a different approach compared to previous upgrades (classic -> RTC or RTC -> RTC). In this session, we will walk through the whole journey from „packing your bags“ to arrival at the desired destination.

1. „Pack your bags“. Good preparation will lower your expenses and reduce risks. Checklist of what should be done before estimating your upgrade project.
2. „Enjoy the ride“. Customer can only be satisfied with the end result if he knows what to expect. It is essential to keep the end-customer in the loop through the whole project and know his preferences. The most painful limitations in Web Client and possible workarounds.
3. „Final destination“. Your upgrade project is completed – what comes next? Decisions that have to be made before your brand new extension is delivered.