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Evaluating your effort to move your IP to AL

Level: Beginner

The session is for technical staff, developers, consultants, project managers and product owners.

Quite technical session how to prepare and evaluate upgrade of C/AL objects to various target version of BC (AL),  would it be BaseApp, On-Prem Extension, Cloud Extension or Extension which would go to AppSource. Content:

  1. Evaluation importance for Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade projects.  Why is so important?
  2. Evaluations to different target Dynamics 365 BC versions (BaseApp, On-Prem Extension, Cloud, App-Source), why estimates will have huge differences?
  3. Preparation for Evaluation. Required tools and techniques, time planning. Technical details, what evaluation should consist of, what has to be calculated from technical perspective, etc.
  4. Available alternatives to get evaluation, examples of my already done evaluations.